722.  Hot and Sour Tofu Soup
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The Best Hot and Sour Tofu Soup in Las Vegas is prepared at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant.  The egg drop soup with a kick! This special soup is made with fresh cracked Extra Large USDA rated AA eggs in a special broth that is lightly seasoned, and spiced with our special blend of red hot chili paste along with a fresh grounded premium white pepper, cubes of soft bean curds (Tofu), fresh chopped chicken, diced mushrooms, dices of bamboo shoots, chunks of tofu, all sprinkled with fresh scallions.

Description At Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant we only use the freshest and finest ingredients to cook all our authentic dishes, and soup. That is why we use the very small fresh Thai chili pepper as part of the ingredients, to which, it warrants a little warning to our diners, since the smaller the pepper the hotter or the bigger the kick in terms of spiciness, is the norm, we offer this simple advice. If you are used to a medium spice at other restaurants, you might want to tone it down just a little here, since we go by the Thai Spicy levels, so just go with mild, if you’re used to a medium spice elsewhere. Also, if you're used to a Hot or level 7 out of 10, we suggest you order your dish(es) here at a level 5 or medium, so on and so forth. Should you not specify what spice level you prefer, the Chef automatically makes the dish medium spicy or a level 5, since this is where most spice inspired diners are comfortable with.

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