534.  Pa-Nang Shrimp Curry
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The Best Panang Shrimp Curry is cooked at Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas Nevada.  The Chef starts off using raw Jumbo Shrimps tha is fresh peeled, then cooked in with authentic Thai Panang Red Curry, creamy coconut milk, fresh sliced zucchini, Very finely grounded peanuts, with fresh leaves of Basil Mints for flavor, all carefully cooked then reduced into a thick rich curry and served hot. Served with a small cup of gourmet Steamed premium Jasmine Rice.


Spice Advisor

At Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant we only use the freshest and finest ingredients to cook all our authentic dishes, and soup.  That is why we use the very small fresh Thai chili pepper as part of the ingredients, to which, it warrants a little cautioning to our diners, since the smaller the pepper the hotter or the bigger the kick in terms of spiciness is the norm, we offer this humble advice.  If you are used to a medium spice at other restaurants, you might want to tone it down just a little here, since we go by the Thai Spicy levels, for instance, we recommend to order your dish at a mild or 3 out of 10 spice level if you’re used to a medium 5 out of 10 spice elsewhere.  Also, if you're used to a Hot or level 7 out of 10, we suggest you order your dish(es) here at a level 5 or medium, so on and so forth.  Should you not specify what spice level you prefer, the Chef automatically makes the dish medium spicy or a level 5, since this is where most spice inspired diners are comfortable with.

For Curry dishes, the minimum spice level the Chef is able to accommodate is a level 2 out of 10, this is due to the very nature, ingredients, and elements of the Curry itself, which cannot be altered.  We therefore cannot make a curry dish non-spicy.  We could only make the curry more spicier than a level 2.

Description One of the more well enjoyed dishes in Thai culinary art, the Panang Curry Shrimp is loaded with coconut milk, which is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Due to overwhelming demand from regular patrons, we have provided options for diners to personalize their own Shrimp Panang Curry dish with the addition of adding extra Shrimps to this Curry. As more Jumbo Shrimps is added, the Chef also throws in a little extra Zucchini. Patrons are recommended to add Jumbo Shrimps in multiples of 3 (three), in other words you Are able to add 3 or 6 Jumbo Shrimps at a time to your Panang Curry.

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