178.  Lad Na Beef Angus Certified
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Fresh Beef Angus Certified

The Best Lad Na Beef Angus Certified is cooked at Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas Nevada.  This Thai style noodle classic is usually stir-fried with the extra Wide fresh rice noodles cooked with Chinese Broccoli in a thick, rich brown gravy along with fresh slices of Certified Angus Beef, cooked in an Extra large stationary wok reaching temperatures upwards of 500°F, finished with a dash of fresh grounded premium white pepper.

Description Due to popular demand from regular patrons, who like to personalize their Thai Style noodle dish. We have provided the ability for our patrons to add extra Certified Angus Beef to this culinary dish from Thailand. As more meat is added, the Chef also throws in a little extra noodles as well as Chinese Broccoli. By Choosing an “Extra Kicker” will add a little extra meat. Choosing "Let it Ride" adds a level 2 additional amount of Certified Angus Beef. By opting for "Double Down" the Chef almost doubles the amount of Certified Angus Beef he puts in on a regular dish, as well as throwing in additional noodles, and Chinese Broccoli.

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