Yellow Mango and Sticky Rice Thai Style
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The Best Thai Yellow Mango with Sticky Rice in Las Vegas Nevada is being prepared at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant located in Chinatown.  This authentic delicacy from Thailand is only available during the mid spring through late summer months due to the availability of the Yellow mango, which is only harvest during the months of March through August, where it is at its zenith in terms of tenderness and sweetness. 

The Chef takes a fresh Yellow Mango peeling off its skin, then slicing the tender juicy golden orange meat into slices which is then served alongside the specially cooked Thai sticky rice which is then smothered with creamy coconut sprinkling in roasted sesame seeds on top.



Description Sweet Yellow mango (also known as Golden Mango) and sticky rice served Thai-style with coconut cream. Known to farmers as the Fillet Mignon of Mangos', their tenderness, and sweet texture complements the home-made sticky rice in coconut cream very well, completing any Thai culinary experience. AVAILABILITY: This crop is available from Late April thru August.

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