800.  Chopped Chicken Chili & Mint over Rice
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The Best Chopped Chicken Chili Mint over Rice in Las Vegas is cooked at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant.  We take fresh chicken leg meat, chopped up, then stir-fried on a blazing Extra large stationary Wok reaching upwards of 500°F adding fresh diced garlic, chopped fresh Thai Chilies, adding special premium sauces from Thailand, all cooked then reduced for a richer flavorful hot & Spicy dish. Served on a bed of gourmet Steamed premium Jasmine Rice.

A staple in Thai culture, this dish can be seen being eaten everywhere you look in Thailand.  The Chopped Chicken Chili Mint is as ubiquitous as ham and cheese sandwiches are in the United States, and Thais love to eat them for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or late at night.

Want to eat like Thais.  Order this rice dish with a fried egg, and enjoy the added protein, not to mention keeping with tradition.

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