151. Chicken Noodle Soup
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Fresh slices of chicken along with fresh egg noodles in a clear chicken soup broth with dashes of fresh roasted ground peanuts in vegetable oil, sprinkled with diced scallions.

"Tom Yum Kicker" For those who want to eat like the Thais, Add this option;  which will spice up this noodle dish just like they do in the Streets of Bangkok, Thailand.  This will make you feel like your sitting in a Thai Street Cafe next to the jam packed alleys of Bangkok-the capital of Thailand.

Our Master Chef spruces up this classic bowl by adding fresh squeezed Lime juice, fine crushed peanuts, roasted-grounded dry Red chili peppers, topping off this masterpiece with fresh diced Cilantro s, and fresh green Scallions (Diced Green Onions) .

For Take-Out and Delivery orders, the noodles will be separated to maintain noodle integrity.

Description Chicken noodle soup that's healthy and delicious.

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