005.  Chicken Satae
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The Best Thai Chicken Satae' (Satay) is being cooked at Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas Nevada.  Fresh Boneless-skinless Chicken breast an all skinless white meat is sliced then marinated in our own authentic Thai satae’ sauce for 24 hours, then skewered onto a bamboo stick, from Thailand, then finally grilled smothered with sauce based on pure Coconut oil then served along side house's special peanut based dipping sauce and a mini cucumber salad with clear dressing, and toast.


Enjoying the Satae’

Thais enjoy this appetizer by first dipping the boiled skewered Chicken into the peanut based "Satae' sauce, once a bite is taken the skewer is then used to fork a piece of cucumber in the mini cup cucumber salad, which acts as a chaser to the rich flavored sliced Chicken Breast.  The toast is normally enjoyed by itself, after being dipped into the Satay peanut based sauce. 


Thai Dining Tip

If your dining with Thais, the concept of Apetizers, soups and main course becomes a bit blurr.  In Thai dining, everything is served at the same time, and thus enjoyed at the same time.  It wouldn't be out of the ordinary, actually more common in the Thai dinner table to see the Soup, appetizers, Thai Salads, main entree', and noodle dish all being served up, and eaten at the same time.  That's why there's the hot pot for the spicy soup such as Tom Yum Shrimp soup, the hot pot is not merely for asthetic, but the purpose is to keep the soup hot during the entire course of the meal lunch, or dinner.  Due to the richness of the cuisine, Thais like to put their soup onto the steamed Jasmine rice before taking a spoonful, the same is true with appetizers, a piece of Chicken Satae' with the peanut based satae' sauce is a wonderful complement with a piping hot spoonful of steamed Jasmine rice.

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