029.  Spicy Squid Salad
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The Best Spicy Thai Squid Salad at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant is cooked with carefully selected tender Calamari that is hand textured and quickly steamed then broiled mixed together with house's special seafood dedicated roasted chili based sauce, with small chips of lemon grass, along with fresh diced red onions, shredded carrots, fresh cilantros, scallions, all served up on a bed of fresh lettuce.

Description Using the small fresh Thai chili peppers as part of the ingredients warrants a little warning to diners, since the smaller the pepper the hotter or the bigger the kick in terms of spiciness. If you are used to a medium spice at other restaurants, you might want to tone it down just a little here, since we go by the Thai Spicy levels, so just go with mild. If you're used to a Hot or level 7 out of 10, we suggest you order your dish(es) here at a level 5 or medium, so on and so forth.

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