89109 Chinese Food delivery Las Vegas Strip Gets High Honors

on November 21, 2012 .

Chinese Food Delivery 89109

Chinese Food Delivery 89109

When we think of a good meal being delivered, the last thing that would come to mind to most area residents is enjoying dinner 3,500 feet above the Las Vegas valley.  That’s where 89109 Chinese food delivery drivers working for Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant have to venture.

In one instance “We have to park our cars underground, then take a subterranean escalator to go 3,500 feet above ground to the 34thfloor, all that hard work to bring fresh, hot, delicious Thai and or Chinese gourmet food to one of our regular clients living in one of Vegas high rise condos”, says Nick who have been delivering food in Las Vegas for Kung Fu Restaurant for over five years now.

89109 Chinese Food Delivery Las Vegas Strip Services

Having seen the view of the valley from the 34thfloor, you can’t really blame the high rise residence from staying home and ordering out, why go down for dinner when one can be on top of it all.  With food delivery Las Vegas Strip service provided by Kung Fu Plaza, one can have its cake and eat it too.  Where else besides the city of lights can one enjoy real authentic gourmet Thai Chinese food at almost 6,000 ft above sea level (the Las Vegas valley is located approximately 2,000 ft above sea level) in the comfort of your own home.  The average response time for this Las Vegas restaurant delivery service is between 45 minutes and to just under an hour, usually less.  That is the time it takes from the actual telephone call until the in-house delivery driver actually knocks on a client’s door is around 45 minutes.  That’s 45 minutes to have fresh, delicious, hot, gourmet Asian food delivered to your door from a restaurant that cooks everything from scratch.

Delivery 89109

Delivery 89109

Las Vegas Chinese Food Delivery Service Gets High to Bring delicious Asian Food to Clients

For busy executives, where time equates to money, one could literally save two to three hours when ordering their Las Vegas Chinese Food from Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant, where not only do you get good gourmet restaurant quality food that’s neatly packaged in high quality premium containers, but are also kept hot and fresh through its short journey from the restaurant in Chinatown to the many high rise condominiums located in the 89109 area.

89109 food delivery in Las Vegas presents many hurdles and challenges to delivery drivers.  After a recent survey of food delivery professionals, those that have at least five years’ experience delivering food on a full time basis revealed unanimously that destinations located in the 89109 zip code area, in fact represents the most challenging hurdles, obstacles, and impediments Las Vegas has to offer to delivery workers.  Yet, 89109 also represents the most often delivered to area for the restaurant.  “Over the years we’ve become so efficient at delivering to throughout the 89109 area that it’s like a walk in the park for our drivers now”, says Bob, the delivery operations coordinator for Kung Fu Restaurant.  No matter what obstacles the city throws at the drivers, Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant will still get a clients food to them in well under an hour.

Last update: June 13, 2014