036. Thai WaterFall Beef Salad Angus Certified
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The Best Thai Waterfall Beef Salad is cooking at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant, located by the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.  What makes the dish being prepared here the BEST Thai Waterfall Salad in the World is the type of Beef we use, Certified Angus Beef.

              The way this salad is prepared is what sets it apart from the other Spicy Beef Salads, in that the Beef is cooked a little longer and harder than the rest in 

order to extract the juices from the tender beef after which we use as stock in our Spicy salad dressing mix.  After we have the stock, our Chefs sprinkles roasted rice powder, fresh Lime juice, Thai fish sauce, sugar, roasted Red Chili Peppers, Chopped Fresh Thai Chilis, fresh Thai Basil Mint, adding fresh sliced Red Onions, diced Carrots, fresh Cilantros, fresh Scallions ( diced green onions), it is then all mixed together then served alongside a fresh lettuce wedge, and slices of fresh Cucumber.

The resulting culinary art taste a bit more robust than the rest of the salads since the juices gives the rest of the ingredients a kick in intensity, the flavor is bolder, and the spices are Hotter, which will undoubtedly leave the diner with sweat falling from their heads if not tears in the eyes, which is the hallmark of the Thai Waterfall salads. 

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