391. TeoChew Braised Duck - Half - - เป็ดพะโล้   潮 州 爐 燒 鴨
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A Premium Maple Leaf Brand® duck (consist of more meat compared to standard duck dishes) is chosen to be slowly roasted & stewed in a large pot, using ancient Chinese TeoChew - ChiuChow style special family recipe, which consists of 7 Herbs & Spices, along with Traditional sticks of cinnamon, and Star Anise, all simmered, resulting in a rich tasty thick dark brown gravy.  Best Enjoyed with gravy on bottom.  Due to the rich flavors inherent to this culinary delight, Chef does NOT recommend using plum sauce to enjoy this dish ( similar to eating at a Fine Steakhouse where A-1 is not used to enjoy).  We do however recommend using our Homemade fresh chili-pepper vinegar paste Hot-Sauce should you need a kicker, but not necessary.

Dish is served along with a small box of gourmet steamed premium imported Thai Jasmine rice.

This Culinary Roast Duck Stew dish and recipe is featured on PBS’s “No Passport Required” Las Vegas Starring Marcus Samuelson. 

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