209.  Vegetable Fried Rice with Egg
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Best Vegetable Fried rice with egg in Las Vegas is being cooked at Kung Fu restaurant.  This Stir-Fry vegetarian dish is Wok-stirred with fresh cuts of Green Cabbage, Chinese Pea-pods, sliced white onions, diced baby-corn, mushrooms, along with premium Oriental sauces including; Premium Japanese Soy Sauce, Thai Soy based Seasoning, Fish Sauce, Dash of fine grounded Sugar, finely grounded white peppers then adding Chinese Oyster Sauce as a Grand Finale all on a blazing extra large stationary wok reaching upwards of 500⁰F and beyond, perfectly bonding all the ingredients with the long grain rice, including fresh cracked extra large USDA rated AA eggs, grounded roasted garlic, ensuring that this culinary art is the tastiest Finest Vegetable Fried Rice in Las Vegas.

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