021.  Papaya Salad with Salted Crab
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Best Papaya Salad with Salted Crab is a Northeastern Thai Cuisine Favorite, that's inspired by the Laotian population in North Eastern Thailand.  This Spice Rich South East Asian Salad is prepared and proudly served at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant using hand strips of fresh papaya without the skin, dicing into our freshly prepared from scratch, using premium sweet coconut Palm Sugar, imported from the Tropical plantations of Thailand, along with salted soft-shelled crab, with grounded peanuts, and grounded dried mini-shrimps, served alongside lettuce or green cabbage.

Som Tum Lao, which is another name for this Laotian style salad offered here at Kung Fu, provides a kick to the taste buds, living up to the high flavored, super rich spiced salads inherent in Laotian and Esaan cuisines. 

Due to the high use of rich ingredients, this Dish IS NOT Recomended for diners not accustomed to rich spicy foods, as well as children under the age of 16, as well as our elderly diners.

For a more subtle yet nutritionous healthy thai Salad, Please try the Best Papaya Salad Las Vegas has to offer at Kung Fu Restaurant by following the highlighted link, click the Back button to go back to Thai Salads and go to "22 Paypaya Salad".



Description At Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant we only use the freshest and finest ingredients to cook all our authentic dishes, and soup. That is why we use the very small fresh Thai chili pepper as part of the ingredients, to which, it warrants a little warning to our diners, since the smaller the pepper the hotter or the bigger the kick in terms of spiciness, is the norm, we offer this simple advice. If you are used to a medium spice at other restaurants, you might want to tone it down just a little here, since we go by the Thai Spicy levels, so just go with mild, if you’re used to a medium spice elsewhere. Also, if you're used to a Hot or level 7 out of 10, we suggest you order your dish(es) here at a level 5 or medium, so on and so forth. Should you not specify what spice level you prefer, the Chef automatically makes the dish medium spicy or a level 5, since this is where most spice inspired diners are comfortable with.

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