Choose from over 50 authentic Chinese Food dishes here at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant. Serving Las Vegas, NV since 1973.

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384. Beef Pepper Steak Angus Certified

  The Best B..


Beef with Chinese Bok Choy

Fresh slices of C..


Broccoli and Oyster Sauce

Steamed broccoli ..


Chicken in Brown Sauce

Fresh tender slic..


Chicken w/Tomato & Oyster Sauce

Slices of fresh C..


Chicken with Chinese Bok Choy

Slices of fresh c..


Chinese Broccoli w/Jumbo Shrimp

Raw Jumbo Shrimps..


Combination Chop Suey

A delightful comb..


Egg Fu Yung BBQ Pork

Farm fresh Extra ..


Egg Fu Yung Chicken

Farm fresh Extra ..


Egg Fu Yung Combination

Farm fresh Extra ..


Egg Fu Yung Shrimp

Farm fresh Extra ..


Ginger Beef

Slices of tender ..


Hon Sui Tofu

Bean Curd tofu ch..


Jumbo Shrimp in Lobster Sauce

Raw Jumbo Shrimps..


Jumbo Shrimp w/Bok Choy

Raw Jumbo Shrimps..


Lemon Chicken

Deep fried white mea..


Prawns Fried Salted with Head

Large Shrimps with s..


Roast Duck-Half

Premium Maple Leaf® ..