Tempting Chinese Favorites

Our signature Mongolian Beef is always a crowd pleaser and one of many entree selections in our Chinese menu.

Tantalizing Appetizers

Delight your guests with appetizers that will leave them anticipating more great dishes to follow!

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Hosting an event? Call Kungfu Catering for authentic Thai and Chinese food!

Combo Selections

Starting from $9.95/person: Combination selections offer top value and choice for your guests.  Choose from items listed below:

All selections include serving of Egg Flower Soup * Egg Roll * Thai Fried Chicken Wing * Cup of Steamed Rice or Fried Rice per person. Meat selections must be a combination of at least two types.

Chicken Chopped Chicken w/Chili and Mint Special Fresh chopped chicken leg meat Stir-fried in a blazing extra large stationary wok reaching upwards of 500F with diced fresh garlic, chopped fresh Thai Chilies, adding special premium Chinese and Thai sauces all cooked then reduced for a richer flavorful hot & Spicy dish.

Beef, Pork or Chicken Chow Mein Using Premium egg noodles stir-fried with slices of fresh green cabbage, slices of fresh celery, fresh bean sprouts, fresh Chinese baby bok choy, and slices of fresh carrots cooked in an extra large stationary wok with premium sauces at temperatures up to 500F rounds out this Chinese icon. Beef or Chicken Pa-Nang Curry Fresh slices of beef or chicken, cooked in with Thai Panang Red Curry, creamy coconut milk, fresh sliced zucchini, Very finely grounded peanuts, with fresh leaves of basil mints for flavor, all carefully cooked then reduced into a thick rich curry and served hot. Chicken Kung Pao Chicken Slices of fresh Chicken leg meat, stir-fried on a blazing hot, extra large stationary wok reaching upwards of 500°F bonding the Chicken with our premium cooking wine, fresh paste of red chilies, along with slices of fresh onions, green bell peppers, carrot slices – topped off with fresh oven roasted peanuts. Beef, Chicken or Pork Mongolian Bond One of Kung Fu Plaza's most sought after dish, cooked in what we coined as The Mongolian Bond – A special combination of cooking methods, along with our rich homemade thick Mongolian sauce which includes rich red Chili paste, fresh grounded garlic, in addition we use fresh onions, green bell peppers, slices of fresh carrots, all stir-fried on a blazing hot, extra large stationary wok reaching upwards of 500°F bonding the cooking wine, tender slices of Certified Angus Beef, fresh chicken or with all the ingredients, which is carefully reduced, and finally served sprinkled with Crispy Egg Noodles. Chicken Moo Goo Gai Pan This classic Chinese Chicken and vegetable dish is cooked with tender slices of fresh chicken that is stirr-fried with straw mushrooms, slices of bamboo shoots, onions along with various Chinese vegetables all cooked adding premium Chinese sauces, including oyster sauce for a thick rich brown gravy. Chicken or Shrimp Chinese Orange Fresh tender slices of chicken leg meat or jumbo shrimp lightly battered, then deep fried in a 100% pure vegetable oil (zero grams of trans fat, no cholesterol) until crisp, then tossed and stir-fried on an Extra large wok at over 500°F with Kung Fu Plazas' signature homemade-on-location Orange Sauce, along with plunks of pineapple chunks, fresh white onion squares, carrot slices, and fresh oranges. Shrimp Pad Thai An authentic Thai classic, and most famous Thai style noodle house dish, is made with medium cut rice noodles, stir-fried in our very own specially formulated home-made Pad Thai sauce, swiftly stir-fried in an extra large stationary wok reaching temperatures upwards of 500°F cooking with bay shrimp, fresh bean sprout, fresh cleaned green onion sticks, and sprinkled with roasted crushed peanuts, known as the National dish of Thailand. Chicken, Pork or Shrimp Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken, pork or jumbo shrimp lightly battered, then deep fried in a 100% pure vegetable oil with no trans fat or cholesterol, until crisp, then smothered in layers of our signature homemade-on-location sweet and sour sauce swimming with chunks of pineapple, fresh white onion squares, and chunks of green bell pepper.

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