Tempting Chinese Favorites

Our signature Mongolian Beef is always a crowd pleaser and one of many entree selections in our Chinese menu.

Tantalizing Appetizers

Delight your guests with appetizers that will leave them anticipating more great dishes to follow!

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Try new ways of enjoying Asian cuisine with these specialty appetizerĀ recipes from the expert chefs at Kungfu.

$8.00 BBQ Pork We go all the way to Europe to find this Premium extra lean imported Pork Butt. After being marinated in our special sauce made with cloves of honey, we oven roast it until just right, then slice it to bite size pieces and smear with special Thai BBQ honey gravy found only at Kung Fu Plaza. $6.00 Crab Rangoon Fresh egg based won-ton shells stuffed with diced green onions, cream cheese, and imitation crab meat mixture, wrapped and deep fried until golden brown. We use vegetable based oil, free of trans fats with no cholesterol. Served with our special homemade-on-location Sweet and Sour Sauce, and hot mustard. $8.00 Fried Jumbo Shrimp Large Shrimp without shell or head lightly battered, then deep fried in clear vegetable oil containing zero grams of trans fat are served with our homemade Thai-inspired Chinese Sweet and Sour Sauce and hot mustard. $6.00 Egg Rolls Our Egg Rolls are fresh, hand made everyday on location with glass or clear noodles, fresh diced cabbage, celery, carrots and mushrooms. They are steam cooked then hand wrapped using a spring roll skin with a touch of fresh egg yoke, then deep fried to a golden crisp in a clear vegetable based frying oil that contains zero trans fat or cholesterol. $8.00 Thai Fried Chicken Wings Fresh first and second joint chicken wings marinated in our own authentic Thai and Special Chinese herbs and spices for over 24 hours are then lightly battered and deep fried using trans fat and cholesterol-free vegetable oil. Served with Kung Fu Plaza's homemade mildly spiced sweet sauce made especially for our chicken wings.

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