Tempting Chinese Favorites

Our signature Mongolian Beef is always a crowd pleaser and one of many entree selections in our Chinese menu.

Tantalizing Appetizers

Delight your guests with appetizers that will leave them anticipating more great dishes to follow!

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Hosting an event? Call Kungfu Catering for authentic Thai and Chinese food!

Let us Cater your next Picnic

The Asian world has made several important contributions to society, but one of the most important (and delicious) would be those influences in our cuisine. Every day thousands of people in the U.S alone enjoy the pleasures of Asian cuisine. I think you would be hard pressed to find somebody who hasn’t at least tried Asian foods. Picnics, however, are traditionally very American. If we wanted to combine the best of these two worlds we would have to come up with the Asian picnic. As you read along this article you will be introduced to some Asian picnic food ideas.

If you want to surprise your friends, or just change the picnic menu that you have been using for a while, consider packing up some Asian BBQ pork in your picnic basket. This delicious dish is made with ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, chillies and of course pork. Or how about some chicken and beef satae? Just pick up the phone and plan your next picnic the easy way – by letting Kungfu Plaza do all the cooking.

Now you’ll want a salad to go along the tasty Asian style BBQ or satae. Our recommendation is the Thai Beef Salad with choice Angus beef and a delicious Kungfu-original dressing. Throw in some spring rolls – great taste and completely portable requiring no utensils or even plates – and you’ve got a picnic worthy of one of our greatest outdoor traditions!

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