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Traditional Siamese Dessert is being served at Thai Restaurant in Las Vegas

The much beloved desert enjoyed by diners of Thai Cuisine has finally arrived for this year at Kung Fu Chinese & Thai Restaurant in Las Vegas.  Enjoyed by people throughout Thailand (formerly known as Siam) for a millennia, this sweet flavorful rich dessert is still a staple in modern Thai culinary arts, from street vendors to Super Markets to upscale restaurants in Bangkok Thailand, the Yellow Mango Sticky Rice can be seen, bought, and enjoyed throughout the Kingdom.

Best Thai Dessert in Las Vegas

The best Yellow Mango Sticky Rice in Las Vegas is finally being carved and served to patrons at the oldest and most authentic Thai restaurant in Las Vegas, Kung Fu Plaza for 2016.  Known as the King of Fruits for its buttery texture, tender interior, along with the high concentration of vitamin C, and rich Fiber content, the yellow mango is the most preferred mango in the world. Combined with a special rice, produced especially for sweets and dessert dishes, that has a tendency to stick together much like cotton candy and maintain the absorption of any sauce, cream, condiments a Chef may add to, in this case, the home made Cream of Coconut.  Mango-Sticky Rice has been enjoyed by the Siamese people since the Yellow Mango was planted in Thailand over thousands of years ago.

Origins of the Yellow Mango

With over 1,000 varieties of Mangos throughout the world, Mangos originated in the Subcontinent of India over 4,000 years ago.  Since then Explorers, by sea and land have taken the various mango seeds and cultivated them in their own land, islands, and continents.   Today the Yellow Mango or Ataulfo Mango, which is the official scientific term for the fruit, used at Kung Fu is grown in Mexico during the warmer months of the year, usually from April thru August.  Not indigenous to Mexico, the Ataulfo fruit grown in Mexico has its roots from the Island nation of the Philippines, which in turn has its origins from Southeast Asia, which could trace its origins farther east, next door to India, where scientist believe was the birthplace of the mango fruits.

Nutritious Thai Dessert

The Yellow Mango, or “Golden Mango”, as it is affectionately known throughout Asia due to its soft texture properties, and delicate handling requirements, is called the “King of Fruits” due to its rich nutritional substance.  The Ataulfo Mango contains many vitamins, including Vitamins A, C, E, and Iron which helps the body with digestion and attributes to unclogging the pores on a person’s skin.  Golden Mango’s also contains high amounts of Antioxidants, and Selenium, which assist the human heart, fending off free radicals.  With all these nutrients contain in one Yellow Mango, its no wonder why the Fruit is considered a Super Fruit in some circles.

Thai Desserts that Aid in Digesting Thai Food

The basic reason why a restaurant has a dessert menu is to provide its patrons with substances that aid in the digestion of the meal that a person just consumed.  That is why everyone at Kung Fu Thai Restaurant in Las Vegas is excited now that the Yellow Mango is in season throughout North America, that means we can offer the Thai Dessert with origins from the Kingdom of Siam, Yellow Mango-Sticky Rice (Khao Nieel Ma Muaong - ข้าวเหนีว มะม่วง ) to our patrons. The Chef starts out by selecting only the just ripped Yellow Mango, then carefully peeling off the delicate skin, revealing the tender scrumptious soft interior, followed by slicing bite sized pieces then setting them onto the plate, next to the homemade Thai Sticky rice, that was carefully steamed in the traditional bamboo steamer, which is then smothered with home-made cream of coconut sauce, then sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.  A simple yet exotic and very nutritious after Lunch or dinner desert, that helps in the digestion of any rich fine culinary meal, especially Thai.

Yellow Mango Sticky Rice at Kung Fu Thai Restaurant in Las Vegas

The Thai Yellow Mango Sticky Rice dessert is available for dine in, Pick-up, Take-Out, and Delivery while the fruit is in season, usually during the months of late April through August of every year, at Kung Fu Thai & Chinese Restaurant 3505 S Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89103 U.S.A. The oldest and most authentic Thai Restaurant in Las Vegas is located just half a mile west of the Wynn Resort which is located on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Open since 1974, first on 3rd street and Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas, the eatery has been cooking delicious Thai and Chinese food for over forty years, and is known by locals and throughout the world for great tasting authentic Thai food.  For more information and or to make reservations, order take-out, or place an order for food delivery, call us at; 702-247-4120.

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